I am Christine Hernandez, a Tejana from San Antonio, Texas. My mothers side has been living on the south Texas land for generations, my fathers side brought over on ships from the Canary Islands. Skin and hair the color of the land, eyes always looking up to the sky.

I found weaving through the beautiful gem of the Southwest School of Art. A curiousty for learning led me to flip through their course catalogue and the fiber department interested me the most. I took one semester in the Fall of 2016 and fell in love with weaving, with the serenity and patience of fellow weavers, with the ability to slip into another time and place. Getting into an ancient art has fulfilled me so much more than I could have ever imagined. I found myself tapping in to a frequency that is thousands of years old. I’m simply translating what my ancestors want me to communicate. Everything I’m creating has already been done before and I find so much comfort and healing in that sentiment.

I’ve had shows at Feliz Modern and Art Matters in San Antonio, Texas. I’ve been showcased at the Nave Museum in Victoria, Texas. I’ve had pop-ups at local stores and venues in San Antonio.

Please reach out to me if you’d like your very own handwoven or embroidered one of a kind piece. I’m always open for commissions or shows and pop-ups.

Catch me on the loom, call me Lil Weavy.